• Isabelle James

It’s mid month August already!? And ode to those new houseplant hobby

I was so busy this month that I didn’t realize that I didn’t write an update blog last week! It’s almost the start of another schoolyear! And this year is definitely different for most of us, especially if you have kids. But we’re getting adjusted to this so called ”new norm”. Between Mom responsibilities and making handmade accessories, I make sure I tap into my Mom plant side too! So since everyone is

home bound nowadays. The plants are getting more attention than ever! Everyone’s new favorite hobby- term as “Plant Mom” or ”Plant Dad”. Plants are taking over our homes, and that’s a new good hobby that’s trending right now! How about you? Did you pick up on this new hobby yet? Whether you consider yourself as a black thumb or a green thumb. There’s always lots of plants available for everyone! And hey it also reduces anxiety and stress around this time when uncertainty is the new norm right!? Enjoy your August, your plants, pets and whatever hobby you decided to take on when we’re all mostly home bound.

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