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Yes It’s Friday!

It’s still a work day and for some it’s just another day, but don’t let it stop you from doing the things that you truly enjoy! I have a very busy day, but my break will more likely be hand making some of this face shield, that I can use with my family. You know theres already a strict policy on mask wearing, and part of being a good citizen- wearing a mask nowadays is like making sure you wear a seatbelt, or put a car seat for your little ones. That’s the reason behind my inspiration for making this homemade face shield. For extra precaution and for times when you just want to add a pizzazz style to your wardrobe during this trying times:) enjoy your Friday! And stay tune when I finally put my handmade one size fits all face shield on Cardinal Love by Isabelle James page. As always- don’t let a little bump in the road ruin your day. Just enjoy the ride and know that there’s always a re-route in any bumpy road! Stay well and always take care!

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